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The staff at Rarekind will go above and beyond to make your life so much easier and hassle-free with whatever site they send you to.

Especially Melissa. She's so understanding, will help solve any issues you may have within moments, finds you a job that actually suits you and will probably be what you've been looking for and you won't thank her enough!

10/10 couldn't be happier.

Josh Cummins

Forklift Operator

Jo is absolutely fantastic. Service, communication, updates at every stage of the process. I can trust Jo and the conversations she has across the business. She always keeps me informed and involved. Never a situation where conversations have not been closed off on. Completely transparent.

Every time we have given her a role she has nailed it. Very impressive and she makes my life easier. Values attention and focus on safety issues and is very proactive in this area.

Absolutely no complaints.

Marcia, Talent Aquisition

CNH Industrial

They have been there at every step and I appreciate what they are doing for us.

In responding to the current shutdown changes and restrictions, I have needed to lean heavily on Jan and her team to support our business. They have been there at every step and I appreciate what they are doing for us.

Justin Clark, Warehouse & Distribution Manager


I dealt with Richard Hamstead from Rarekind who was professional and polite at all times. After making contact, it took less than a week for Richard to place me in a really great role.

His follow up was on point and timely and he handled all initial communication between myself and my prospective employer very effectively.

I highly recommend using Richard and Rarekind if you are seeking employment.

Damien Collings

Senior Software Developer

I express my genuine gratitude to Rarekind for the professionalism and their extraordinary ability to identify a most remarkable role.

With every endeavour to understand my career achievements and professional aspirations, Rarekind was swift in presenting a role for me to transition my skills and attributes. Being appointed to the General Manager role in the disability sector, I feel at home leading an organisation where the corporate personnel (the heartbeat) and the operational staff (the life-saving technicians), bring an abundance of pride to their work environment.

Gen Wilcox, General Manager

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