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Ordinary recruitment agencies do people placements. They don’t do culture and organisational growth. Nor do they do proper HR consulting. This one does.

We will find you remarkable people. And we will unlock the remarkable you already have hiding amongst your existing employees. That’s how you maximise the return on your investment.

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Words cannot express my huge gratitude to Rarekind for reaching out to provide such an amazing opportunity at Council. I had tried several times a number of years ago to join their team and had all but given up then they picked me out from the crowd and gave me another opportunity which proved successful thanks to their professional manner and caring, collaborative approach.

Their dedication to finding the right person and exceptional support and responsiveness to that person but also the client certainly stands them out from the crowd. I would not have made it through without such outstanding support.

Thank you Rarekind for this life-changing opportunity.

Heidi Clifton

WHS Business Partner

Rarekind is our organisations trusted advisor on all back of house HR matters. When your organisation does not have a full HR service having a trusted advisor at call who can provide clear, concise and affordable advice is invaluable.

Quality business leaders know that their people are their number one asset. Attracting and retaining the best-fit people happens by design. I recommend the Rarekind team. They will manage organisational risks and maximise opportunities.

Rarekind have flawlessly and consistently assisted us to achieve our organisational goals by providing services like recruitment, salary benchmarking, performance management and contract development.


Rarekind was helpful in guiding me through the process of interviews and setting up my resume. I am an older worker who has been in one job for 26 years. As you can imagine, seeking employment had changed but with their help, I was employed within about three to four weeks.


Outplacement Program

There is no limit to how good work can be

We see you. Your brand. Your people. We see what you are now and we see your potential.

You are a high performing team of thinkers and doers. A brand that doesn’t settle for second. A workplace that wants to be home to the happiest employees.

That’s us too and together we can get there. After 30 years in the business of careers, we know the way.

Achieve more for less

Is your learning and development budget increasing while your recruitment budget decreases? You’re not alone. This is how leading companies are structuring their resources and you would be wise to join them.

Long-game HR wisdom

You can trace our success in HR consulting to Owner Director Paul Sneddon. Paul is behind every HR relationship and people solution. Today. Next year. Five years from now.

Local, visible and personal

Regional city SME employers are our focus. Our on-staff HR consultants live in your community. They have a genuine interest in your success and understand the drivers of regional city business.

Our team of people-people

p sneddon

Paul Sneddon

Director -Executive, HR and Tech

Paul knows how businesses operate and how to find out exactly what his clients need. Even if they don’t know themselves. And so he should after more than 20 years with a seat at the table. Heavy manufacturing, tech start-up, or corporate boardroom, Paul feels right at home leading our team of HR pros.

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