Culture Checklist: How HR Consulting Can Help Your Workplace Thrive

Picture this: You’ve finally mastered the WFO/WFH/WFA balance, your inbox is inundated with
job applications, and you’ve built the ultimate team that actually loves their job. Morale is high,
business is thriving, office plants are alive. Life is good.

Unfortunately for many small businesses, this scenario is more fantasy than reality. Enter a HR
consultant. While we can’t help with your poor plant parenting skills, we can help you with
everything else

Want to build a workplace that employees don’t want to leave? There’s two major areas you
need to focus on.

Hiring (and keeping) the right talent

According to a 2022 Nectar report, 47% of HR managers believe employee retention is one of
the biggest challenges when sourcing top talent. Did you know employee turnover can cost
your small business up to $15,000 per employee? Not to mention, the hiring process can be
time-consuming and frustrating, impacting the rest of the team.

To make the recruitment process a whole lot smoother for everyone involved, we recommend
keeping the Golden Rules of Recruitment in mind.

  1. Remember you’re not just interviewing them — your candidate is also interviewing you. Are you prepared?
  2. Ask your interviewees what they are looking for in a company and role to ensure it’s the best fit for everyone
  3. Candidates come with non-negotiables and salary expectations. If you want them in your team, research and be prepared to step up your game
  4. Be clear and open about what sets you apart — think company goals, remuneration packages and career development opportunities 
  5. Never neglect your current employees while growing your team. They need to feel supported and appreciated… otherwise you might end up recruiting for even more roles

Create a healthy culture of happy employees

It all boils down to how happy your employees are: what keeps them engaged, motivated and
happy? Once your workplace reaches Toxic Culture Town, the mood will plummet,
relationships will suffer, motivation will be at an all -time low and employees will start to leave. If
your business is on its way there, you’ll need to change directions, stat.

The Employee Happiness Checklist is a good way to measure your team culture, and figure out
what needs work.

  1. Conduct an anonymous employee survey — then actually implement the findings
  2. Be present and actively listen to the needs and wants of the workplace on a regular basis, or if you’re busy, delegate to someone in your team
  3. Audit your current policies, procedures and practices against those in your industry to see how you compare (this is one of our favourite ways to work with small businesses) 
  4. Analyse gaps, select those you want to improve on, and develop plans to get there
  5. Track your progress and communicate with your team; it’s okay to be a work in progress. Employees usually appreciate knowing they are being heard, and changes are being made

When you invest in employees and culture, the magic happens. The workplace will be buzzing,
people will feel more motivated and as a result, business will flourish. If only we could say the
same for your plants.


Company culture is one of our favourite spaces to play in. Rarekind HR consultants can guide
you through the recruitment process, build the perfect team, audit your culture and implement
strategies to improve.

All you need to do is contact us today for a chat and we’ll talk you through the process.

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