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Rarekind have provided support to the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council for some years by providing assistance with staffing needs for the operations arm of the organisation. As a part of our recent recruitment for our COO, Rarekind provided high level expertise and an all-round pleasant experience.

The level of commitment and care shown for the integrity of the recruitment process was highly comforting, and allowed for DLALC to take a step back and trust that the skills and knowledge displayed by the Rarekind team would allow for a smooth and professional process.

Kumarah Kelly, Manager - People, Workplace & Governance

Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council

I express my genuine gratitude to Rarekind for the professionalism and their extraordinary ability to identify a most remarkable role.

With every endeavour to understand my career achievements and professional aspirations, Rarekind was swift in presenting a role for me to transition my skills and attributes. Being appointed to the General Manager role in the disability sector, I feel at home leading an organisation where the corporate personnel (the heartbeat) and the operational staff (the life-saving technicians), bring an abundance of pride to their work environment.

Gen Wilcox, General Manager

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