Big Trouble in Small Business: 6 Ways HR Consulting Can Save the Day

An employee quits. The office mood shifts. In the distance, sirens. What can only be described as a total and utter catastrophe has struck your small business. If only someone could have prevented the chaos. (Ahem, it’s us. We could have prevented the chaos).

Rarekind HR consultants are no strangers to inclement weather, and well-versed in the telltale signs of a category-5 crisis.

Six tried and tested scenarios that a Rarekind HR consultant can help you avoid:

  1. Six tried and tested scenarios that a Rarekind HR consultant can help you avoid:

Your staff show up to work every single day, knowing nothing about the company vision, expectations or goals. We call it nightmare fuel.

If employees don’t give a damn about their performance and have zero motivation you’re en route to Toxic Culture Town.

Employees need a clear roadmap for career development, and our HR consultants can help you plot it out. Our services act as a reliable retention tool, because when your employees feel supported, they might actually want to *stay*.

  1. You have an employee whose favourite phrase is, “That’s not my job”.

… and to be fair, often, it’s not. That’s where we come in.

Prevent employees from signing-off work that’s way beyond or beneath their paygrade. Our HR consultants can draft up job descriptions, policies, tools for examining workplace performance and complete regular or as-you-need-it audits.

… and these are only a few things to include, but they are by far the most important to list in an
employment contract. And remember to proofread for good measure.

Organised processes put an end to the sirens. And, life in the office? It’s not just good – it’s bloody brilliant. Who knew a sprinkle of HR dust could solve all of your problems? Wait.

  1. A tear-filled conversation or shouting match.

No boss wants to talk to an employee about their plummeting performance. And despite your expertise, high IQ, or excellent communication skills, these chats can still be super awkward, confrontational and even upsetting.

We’ll give you a voice and help you navigate the conversation before it happens. As a manager or supervisor, it can feel incredibly empowering to jump over this hurdle. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the conversation takes place, because denial is a river in Egypt.

  1. Your employee has quit, effective immediately. Thank you, next.

Facts. Many small companies still don’t work with contracts, which means their employees are free to make a French exit, sans notice. Even if they’ve been with you for say, 5 or 10 years, they can plead ignorance because there’s No. Paper. Trail. Don’t be that business.

With expert employment contract knowledge and training, our HR pros can help you draft up new contracts or renew existing ones, toot sweet.

  1. Start and finish times are about as clear as an unorganised spreadsheet.

Employees consistently rocking up late or leaving super early, before their work is completed? Houston, we have a problem.

We can help you curb ‘clock-off creep’ by implementing employment policies and procedures, so Alexis isn’t ‘ducking off’ for a cheeky 2pm martini and Barry ain’t leaving for badminton before he’s *officially* done for the day.

  1. Dissatisfied employees. Spoiler: They’re going to leave you.

Employees crave development, stimulation and support. If you can’t satisfy them, they’re just going to find love happiness elsewhere and exit stage left.

With HR consultants in your corner, your workplace could lead the way for happier employees who love their jobs, and rave about you on LinkedIn. High-five. Best business ever.

That’s it. That’s six unwanted scenarios we can help you avoid before the locusts swarm.

HR isn’t just the best insurance you can take out as a small business, it’s the best safeguard for your sanity for when it all hits the fan. With a HR consultant, and the right policies and procedures <locked and loaded> you’ll have created a culture where people feel fulfilled and engaged at work every single day.


Our HR consultants can help you manage the legal/admin/boring stuff, host the tricky talks, overhaul daily operations, conduct audits, and help ricochet overall employee satisfaction straight up the happiness scale.

Contact us today to chat through our services, and supercharge your team’s talent.

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