Why HR Consulting is the Best Insurance Policy You Can Take Out

As a business owner, there are a few facts of life you simply can’t avoid:
Your employees aren’t coming back to the office full-time
No one is cleaning out the fridge on Friday
Your business needs HR, probably more than you need a day off

While you might have learned to accept the first couple, there’s a chance you’re choosing to
flat-out ignore that last one. You think HR is boring. HR is expensive. HR isn’t needed in a
workplace of this size. It’s all red tape and crying in the bathroom, right? We’ve heard it all, and
we’re here to set the record straight. Because, while traditional HR has a bad rep around the
water cooler, HR consulting is a much more progressive and flexible option for businesses (and
catastrophes) of every size and industry.

What’s the difference between traditional HR and HR consulting?

Sure, traditional HR professionals and Rarekind HR consultants bring similar skill sets, areas of
expertise and knowledge of the law. But there are a few glaring differences that will inform
which one is right for you.

The most obvious being that a traditional HR team will sit within your business, putting you at
risk of paying for more resources than your business actually needs, and missing out on all the
Scotch Fingers.

HR consultancy, on the other hand, brings together a brain’s trust of HR experts, that can tap
in and tap out as much — or as little — as your business needs.

It’s Would You Rather HR Edition!

Maybe you’d prefer to make your serious business decisions with a quick round of Would You
Rather? Here are some examples to show how traditional HR and HR consulting stack up. Fun
police? Never heard of them.

Would you rather….

Add another wage, super and entitlements to your books
Get HR help when you need it?

Unless your business is of a certain size, you might not need an in-house HR professional, but
rather a resource that can assist on an occasional basis with tasks such as employment
contracts, position descriptions, culture strategy and employee onboarding and exiting.

Pay big bucks for an employment lawyer (and let’s be honest, their suit)
Put $$$ towards something else?

It’s no secret employment lawyers are expensive. Those dry cleaning bills won’t pay for
themselves. Don’t let it get to that point. HR consulting is the best insurance policy you can
take out to protect yourself against a range of workplace-related issues.

Benefit from the brain of one HR expert
Engage a whole team, for the price of one?

As with other industries, HR consultants are specialists in what they do and can assure quality
outcomes. The bonus? We actually love HR, problem-solving and even having tough
conversations. You could say we joined the university debating team and never really left.

Hire a full-time HR expert for a small amount of work
Engage an HR expert that works around your needs and schedule?

HR consultants are laser-focused during their contract — not online shopping because we
don’t have enough to do, Colin. Invite us in for a small project, on an ad-hoc basis, or a long-term
relationship, or let us audit your business and we’ll tell you what you need.

Deal with office politics and irritated employees
Build a better environment, processes and culture?

This is an HR expert’s bread and butter, but rather than getting involved in the workplace drama
that’s common in many businesses, we’ll strategise and smooth over any corporate quarrels
before getting out of your way. Once we’re gone, you’ll have structures to follow and
insurance in place.

Ultimately, finding the right HR solution is a bit like choosing how to protect yourself from
unpredictable weather. Traditional HR might be a reliable raincoat, but it bulks out your bag,
even when the forecast is fine. Meanwhile, HR consulting is the handsome devil with an
umbrella, who only appears precisely when you need them. Whichever way you go, when the
storm hits, you’re going to wish you had the insurance.


Rarekind HR can be your handsome devil with an umbrella. Know what you need? Reach out
with help with developing or refreshing contracts, legal issues, or advice on change
management. No idea? Let us perform a health check on your business, and guide you from

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